Bear Hill Interiors


1420 Rebsamen Park Road

Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

Since 2000, Bear Hill Interiors has been a full-service residential design firm bringing style to clients around the South. Owner and principal designer Kevin Walsh concentrates on the individuality of each client while giving spaces a signature Bear Hill spin. His sister, designer Susan Walsh, also lends her talent as a lead designer with the firm, furthering their reach and distinctive look.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, the shop of the same name features a well-curated collection, including antiques and vintage pieces as well as contemporary furniture and art. In regard to aesthetics, Bear Hill is known as being the master of the mix, seamlessly blending old with new, High with low, and contemporary with traditional. Their work is marked by a quality of being refined yet comfortable and inviting for everyday living. Polished palettes-which often includes pastels-are infused into each room. Above all, the spaces they create are personalized to each client, making them a place the owners want to come home to again and again.